Graphical Maps to help you monitor your systems



The i-Vertix Map module


Monitoring systems can get clumsy and confusing when you have a huge number of hosts or services that need to be monitored. For that reason, we wanted to create something easy, clear and nice-looking. 

In the mid summer of 2020, we released our tool "i-Vertix Maps" as an additional module for our i-Vertix Monitoring solution.

From that moment on, every user can create his personal overview and has lots of possibilities to display data in real-time.




A quick example


Let's do a practical example: imagine you have a large facility with lots of rooms full of switch-stacks. Obviously, every single Switch is being monitored and maybe you have even created host groups for every stack.

Despite all this, it is often hard to identify where the stack stands physically only by a name, am I right? Well, at this point, i-Vertix Maps comes in and saves the day! Create a map of your infrastructure and place your host groups on top of it.


Let's have a look at the image to see how this example would look like. 





Customization options


The i-Vertix Maps module comes with a lot of possibilities and customizations to let you build your map the way you want it. You can upload your own background image and place your hosts, services, service- and host groups on top of it. You can either choose between icons, lines or various gadgets, like a speedometer or a performance graph. 

If you are already using our monitoring solution, just head over to the built-in editor and try it yourself. 

You can even share your Maps with your colleagues or show them on big screens inside your offices. 



The possibilities are almost endless. And the best thing is, it doesn't take much to create a Map! Once it's done, you can add or remove things at any time, according to your requirements. 

Having a map is not only something nice to have: it can definitely help you have an immediate and complete overview of your most important devices. 


Also, check out the video we created to show you how to build a Map through just a few easy steps. 


Written by Felix Geier.