Financial sector

The last few decades marked a major development in the digitalisation of the financial sector, with a consequent increase of the risks and needs related to IT aspects.

The services provided online by banks and other institutions are increasing in both number and complexity, exposing the infrastructures to high security and error risks.

In particular, the main obstacles are represented by three main aspects: security, stability and infrastructure complexity.

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Benefits of i-Vertix NMS

Flexible & scalable
General overview
Dislocated location management


For financial institutions, security represents the top priority and the biggest challenge. Physical and logical security is essential to safely process the millions of transactions and provide customers with the necessary trust. There are several possibilities for online systems to be compromised, a good IT management is in charge of preventing this from happening.


Imperfect or slow systems can lead to a loss of revenue and have serious consequences on the operations. Systems’ downtime can cause dissatisfaction of potential customers and their subsequent withdrawal. The complexities of the modern financial systems lead to numerous problematic situations; therefore, it is up to IT systems to ensure the greatest possible stability.

Complexity of the infrastructure

The necessity to monitor and ensure the availability of a multitude of different systems and hardware already makes the IT infrastructure very complex. Add to this the possibility that these systems and devices may be located in different locations, including different countries, and the difficulties increase even more. Se a questo aggiungiamo la possibilità che questi sistemi e dispositivi siano situati in località, fino ad arrivare a continenti diversi, ecco che le difficoltà aumentano ulteriormente. That is why the third main challenge for IT in the financial sector is to get a complete overview of the whole infrastructure.  

How i-Vertix supports the financial sector


1. 360° overview

Monitor your entire infrastructure and your centrally provided services with one single tool, allowing you to always have a complete and up-to-date overview. Keep a close eye on internal and external IT applications, such as home banking and trading systems, and ensure that the processes provided are running smoothly and rapidly. Measure the end user experience to analyse how the provided IT services are perceived by customers and employees.

2. Safety

All security systems such as firewalls, antivirus, software, patch management, SIEM systems, surveillance cameras, access control and APM can be centrally monitored. Not only can unusual bandwidth usage be detected, also network traffic can be actively analysed for suspicious activity.

3. Flexibility & scalability

To enable a fast and efficient monitoring, large and complex IT infrastructures & networks have special requirements regarding scalability. i-Vertix NMS adapts to all needs and offers a high degree of both scalability & flexibility, allowing you to always respond to the requirements needed in an ever-changing environment.

4. Communication & visualization

In the event of problems, responsible employees must be notified quickly and efficiently. For this reason, i-Vertix NMS offers various communication channels and ITSM integrations.

It is also possible to configure escalations or connections to external platforms, such as Pagerduty. Moreover, everyone can customise its view, choosing the services they want to display.

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Whether you are a reseller or an end user, i-Vertix is the perfect solution for you.

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Marco Zennaro, Service Manager

“In i-Vertix we found a very flexible solution, simple and intuitive to use. Since the beginning of our partnership, we have professionally carried on several projects, fulfilling all our and our clients’ needs”.

Antonio Iacomino, Corporate IT Security Manager

“The introduction of i-Vertix inside our IT infrastructure has been an ambitious and interesting challenge. The project initially started with the need to meet specific regulatory requirements, although we soon realized the potential we had in our hands: log centralization and normalization and great consultation and data processing speed for statistics and reports. In other words, an increased agility in day-to-day operations combined with impressive simplicity and clear results”.

Gianandrea Gobbo, Head of IT department

“In order to reduce the complexity of the numerous Monitoring and Logging flows, Solari di Udine met the i-Vertix solutions, which proved to be goal-oriented and flexible. However, technology is only one side of the powerful combination for success. Quick, pragmatic and punctual: the i-Vertix Team definitely is an added value that makes this partnership deeply satisfying for our company”.

Michael Darocca, Managing Director BVG Italy

“Being able to implement i-Vertix using the MSP mode represents a huge strategic benefit for us. It gives us the opportunity to offer and implement it to System Integrators and Service Providers that already are our clients. From the very beginning, i-Vertix has always shown great professionality, motivating us and making us proud of every project we have worked on”.

Paolo Tombolato, Head of IT & Cloud Services

“Right after the introduction of i-Vertix we immediately started appreciating the benefits of such a flexible log management platform. Through simple dashboards we can keep track of data coming from hundreds of systems, real-time identifying unusual behaviours. This tool not only meets the requirements of the regulations but represents to us a real improvement of the overall security of the managed systems”.