August Updates
in the i-Vertix Plugin Store

Welcome to the latest i-Vertix Plugin Store updates for August 2023! In this month’s release, we’re thrilled to introduce a range of exciting improvements and new additions to enhance your experience. Let’s dive into the key highlights: 

New Plugins 

Splunk: We’re delighted to introduce the Splunk plugin, allowing you to seamlessly integrate and monitor your Splunk instances within i-Vertix. 

Netapp via Rest API: Now, you can easily connect and monitor Netapp systems using the Rest API integration, providing you with valuable insights into your storage infrastructure. 

AVM Fritzbox: With this addition, you gain the ability to closely monitor your Fritzbox router’s performance and status. This plugin offers valuable insights into your router’s essential statistics.

AWS APIGateway: For organizations leveraging Amazon Web Services (AWS) to power their cloud infrastructure, the AWS APIGateway plugin is a game-changer. This plugin enables you to monitor the performance, availability, and health of your APIGateway instances. 

AWS EFS: The AWS EFS plugin equips you with the means to monitor file storage service. Keep tabs on your file systems, track performance, and respond proactively to any potential issues to maintain smooth data access for your applications.

AWS ElastiCache: The ElastiCache plugin provides real-time insights into the performance and status of your caching clusters. Ensure that your caching solutions are operating at their best to deliver optimal performance for your applications.

AWS Kinesis: The AWS Kinesis plugin allows you to monitor your Kinesis streams effortlessly. Stay informed about the health and performance of your data streams and make informed decisions based on real-time insights.

AWS Lambda: The AWS Lambda plugin enables you to monitor the execution of Lambda functions, ensuring they run smoothly and efficiently. Keep a close eye on your serverless workloads and maintain optimal performance.

Sophos XGS Firewall (v18/v19): Sophos XGS Firewall is a robust network security solution, and now, it’s even easier to monitor its performance with the new plugin. 


  • Alcatel Omniswitch: L2 / L3 Network Discovery and Mapping now recognizes Alcatel Omniswitch devices, enhancing your network monitoring capabilities. 
  • Audiocode: Introducing a new Service Template for monitoring SBC calls, ensuring comprehensive monitoring of your communication systems. 
  • IBM Storwize: We’ve added new Service Template and Host Template options for replication monitoring, making it easier to manage your IBM Storwize environment. 
  • Linux SNMP: Enhance your monitoring capabilities with a new Service Template for tracking UDP and TCP connections in Linux systems. 
  • Linux SSH: Discover Systemd Services more efficiently with our new discovery method for Linux SSH connections. 
  • MariaDB/MySQL: Monitor custom SQL queries and Open Tables effortlessly with the new Service Template options for MariaDB and MySQL. 
  • Rubrik: Explore enhanced discovery and monitoring features for Rubrik Jobs, ensuring the integrity of your backup processes. 


We've also made significant improvements across various plugins to streamline your monitoring experience. Here are some of the notable enhancements: 

  • UPS APC: We’ve introduced additional thresholds for Input Line monitoring in APC UPS systems, enhancing your power management capabilities. 
  • Dell EMC Datadomain: Irrelevant system partitions are now filtered out from monitoring, providing cleaner and more focused insights. 
  • HWgSTE: Enjoy better support for HWgSTE Sensors of version 2, ensuring accurate sensor data collection. 
  • Speedtest: New thresholds for Ping Jitter in Speedtest allow for more precise network performance analysis. 
  • Stormshield Firewall: Irrelevant system partitions are filtered out to streamline monitoring. 
  • UPS RFC1628: Alarm descriptions from the Alarm table are now displayed, offering more detailed information on UPS alarms. 
These updates reflect our commitment to providing you with a powerful and efficient monitoring experience. We hope you find these additions and improvements valuable in optimizing your IT infrastructure. Stay tuned for more i-Vertix plugin store updates!

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