Backup your devices with i-Vertix Network Configuration Backup

The i-Vertix Network Configuration Backup feature allows you to automatically backup the configuration of network devices such as switches, routers, firewalls, etc. that are already in the system as monitored hosts. i-Vertix offers a variety of Vendor and OS models to choose from, allowing to save the configuration of the devices with minimal effort.

Key features

In i-Vertix we always like to make things easy for you, so here’s a list of the main things that our Network Configuration Backup feature can do:

  • Backup: reads the current configuration of the device and commits it to a central repository of i-Vertix
  • Actual configuration: shows the actual configuration with a simple click
  • Versioning: each change made creates a new version
  • Previous version: select and show a previous version of the device configuration
  • Compare version: Compare two versions with each other to better understand changes
  • Device groups: Manage access via device groups
  • Event logs: See the history of connections for each device

How to add a device

Now that we’ve seen what the Network Configuration Backup feature can do for you, let’s see how you can easily add a device:

  1. Select the host (device) from the monitoring configuration
  2. Select the device group to assign a predefined authentication
  3. Select the vendor and the os-model of the device. The most common device types and firmware are available with more than 80 different vendors and more than 160 os models
  4. Set username or password for telnet or ssh access (if no device group is available) or overwrite those of the device group
    If devices require an additional “enable password” to read the configuration, this can also be stored

Show configuration and compare versions

You’ve added all your devices, now the Network Configuration Backup feature is all set and you can finally show your configuration: 

  • Shows the actual configuration in readable text format
  • Password in the configuration are hidden for security reason
  • Select a previous version to view the configuration at this point in time

Now let’s pretend that you made some changes to the configuration of your device but something isn’t quite right and you want to go back to the previous one, or that someone modified it by accident.

Whatever happened, there’s no need to worry. All the versions of your configuration are saved, so you can easily make a comparison: 

  • Select two versions and show differences to better understand the changes
  • Differences can be shown in a unified file or as split side by side like in github

For further information you can contact us at, we will be glad to discuss your personal situation and find the solution that best fits your needs.