i-Vertix IT Monitoring

Complete overview of your infrastructure and services

Flexible and scalable to fit all needs

IT OPS: integrations with different systems available (ITSM, CMDB and automation)

Immediate economic payback

MSP Ready

On Premise



Complete overview of the IT infrastructure

Through one single tool, i-Vertix IT Monitoring enables an extensive oversight of the IT environment, offering an integrated monitoring with immediate error correction. This optimizes operations through an early detection of problems and failures. 

i-Vertix is simple to deploy and offers great flexibility in terms of scalability, functionality and security. 

The MSP mode enables to easily build a centralized monitoring platform, through which you can provide Monitoring as a Service. This allows you to take advantage of a fully managed system, without having to worry about any technical aspects. 

The flexible architecture and the great scalability guarantee you a security for the future: do your needs change and grow over time? No problem, i-Vertix evolves with you!

Boost your business with i-Vertix  SaaS

  • Monitoring of distributed or hard-to-reach locations
  • Performed via i-Vertix Smart Poller HW or SW appliance
  • Independent of the Central Manager
  • Application performance parameters analysis from the users’ point of view
  • Support for Web applications, Windows (Java, WPF, Win32, WinForms, .NET, SilverLight, XBAP, UXP) and mobile applications (iOS e Android)
  • Visualization of the monitored devices in a graphical context
  • Different types of fully customizable maps 
  • Data correlation feature
  • Automatic backup of the configurations of network devices
  • Comparison between all saved versions
  • Fast restore of a previous configuration
  • Service Discovery, with more than 200 modes
  • Host Discovery 
  • VMware Discovery
  • NeDi
  • Meraki
  • Easy installation and update of new plugins 
  • More than 600 standards (network, database, cloud, storage, OS, applications, ecc.)
  • Template and autodiscovery features included
Supported technologies i-Vertix

What we monitor

i-Vertix IT Monitoring helps you monitor all devices, applications and services within your infrastructure: 

  • Hardware
  • Network
  • Storage
  • Operating System 
  • Database
  • Cloud
  • Application 
  • Synthetic User Monitoring

We currently support more than 600 technologies that can be managed through the i-Vertix Plugin Store.

Can’t find what you are looking for? Get in touch with us, we are always eager to work on custom projects!


“i-Vertix is a very flexible solution, simple to use and intuitive. Since the beginning of our Partnership, we have professionaly worked on several projects, always fulfilling both our and our clients' requests.”

Marco Zennaro - Service Manager


“Introducing i-Vertix in our IT infrastructure has been an ambitious yet interesting challenge. The project initially started to meet specific regulatory requirements, altough we soon realized the potential we had in our hands: log centralization and normalization together with great consultation and data processing speed for statistics and reports. In other words, an increased agility in day-to-day operations combined with impressive simplicity and clear results.”

Antonio Iacomino - Corporate IT Security Manager


“In order to reduce the complexity of the many monitoring and logging flows, we approached the i-Vertix solutions, which immediately proved to be goal-oriented and flexible. However, the technology is only one side of the powerful combination: quick, pragmatic and punctual; the i-Vertix Team definitely is an added value that makes this Partnership deeply satisfying for our company."

Gianandrea Gobbo - Head of IT


“Right after introducing i-Vertix in our infrastructure, we immediately started to appreciate the benefits of such a flexible log management platform. Simple dashboards allow to keep track of all data coming from hundreds of systems, identifying unusual behaviours in real-time. This tool not only meets the requirements of the Privacy regulations, but also marked a significant improvement of the overall security of the managed systems."

Paolo Tombolato - Head of IT & Cloud Services


“Being able to implement i-Vertix via MSP represents a huge strategic benefit for our company: this gives us the opportunity to offer the solution to our existing client portfolio of System Integrators and Service Providers. From the very beginning, i-Vertix has always shown great professionalism, motivating us and making us proud of every project we have worked on."

Michael Darocca - Managing Director BVG Italy

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IT Monitoring Highlights

Network-, VMware- and Host-autodiscovery

Pre configured templates to enable quick and intuitive configurations

Individual and interactive dashboard

Integrated Know How and at users' disposal

Quick installation with minimal training impact

Mobile app for Android and iOS

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Whether you are a System Integrator or an end user, i-Vertix is the solution for you!

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