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The i-Vertix Partner Program offers a simple yet attractive collaboration model.

The three currently available levels are:

  • Active
  • Silver 
  • Gold

From the very first moment, we assist our i-Vertix Partners both from a commercial and technical point of view, through training, support, innovative workshops and much more.  

Find out which level suits you best and discover all the benefits that we reserved for you! 

Programma partnership i-Vertix NMS

i-Vertix Active is the level designed for all those who want to start approaching the i-Vertix solutions.

It offers a basic commercial training to transmit the necessary knowledge to assist customers indipendently during less complicated sales processes.

Partner Program i-Vertix NMS

i-Vertix Silver is the best level for more experienced and structured Partners, such as medium-sized System Integrators.

Silver Partners are asked to obtain a commercial certification, to help better manage even the most complex requests and sales processes. 

i-Vertix NMS Partnership Program

i-Vertix Gold is the perfect level for all those Partners who want to get the most out of the i-Vertix solutions and wish to contribute to technical aspects as well. 

It is required to independently manage more complex situations and achieve both a commercial and technical certification.


“i-Vertix is a very flexible solution, simple to use and intuitive. Since the beginning of our Partnership, we have professionaly worked on several projects, always fulfilling both our and our clients' requests.”

Marco Zennaro - Service Manager


“Introducing i-Vertix in our IT infrastructure has been an ambitious yet interesting challenge. The project initially started to meet specific regulatory requirements, altough we soon realized the potential we had in our hands: log centralization and normalization together with great consultation and data processing speed for statistics and reports. In other words, an increased agility in day-to-day operations combined with impressive simplicity and clear results.”

Antonio Iacomino - Corporate IT Security Manager


“In order to reduce the complexity of the many monitoring and logging flows, we approached the i-Vertix solutions, which immediately proved to be goal-oriented and flexible. However, the technology is only one side of the powerful combination: quick, pragmatic and punctual; the i-Vertix Team definitely is an added value that makes this Partnership deeply satisfying for our company."

Gianandrea Gobbo - Head of IT


“Right after introducing i-Vertix in our infrastructure, we immediately started to appreciate the benefits of such a flexible log management platform. Simple dashboards allow to keep track of all data coming from hundreds of systems, identifying unusual behaviours in real-time. This tool not only meets the requirements of the Privacy regulations, but also marked a significant improvement of the overall security of the managed systems."

Paolo Tombolato - Head of IT & Cloud Services


“Being able to implement i-Vertix via MSP represents a huge strategic benefit for our company: this gives us the opportunity to offer the solution to our existing client portfolio of System Integrators and Service Providers. From the very beginning, i-Vertix has always shown great professionalism, motivating us and making us proud of every project we have worked on."

Michael Darocca - Managing Director BVG Italy

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