Industry 4.0 & IoT

The industrial digitalization process brought industries and IT closer in order to better manage aspects related to maintenance, logistics and productive cycle. 

This has led to the need to converge IT and OT, to obtain an overview of the entire infrastructure and constantly monitor its health status. i-Vertix helps overcome the challanges of this convergence, incresing the availability of the systems and ensuring the security of the network. 

How we support the industry

IoT support and safety

  • Support for the traditional IT protocols and a lot more, such as Modbus, MQTT, etc. 
  • Monitoring and analysis of the traffic of the IoT devices to actively detect threats and anomalies

Monitoring of hostile environments

  • Industrial hardware appliances resistant to cold, hot and humidity, certified up to IP67 
  • High quality Monitoring of devices located in challenging locations using i-Vertix Poller Appliance 

Flexible data analysis

  • Early detection of problems and anomalies 
  • Process optimization using the information obtained from the data

Communication and visualization

  • Alarm thresholds configuration
  • Services customization to include only the ones that need attention 
  • Custom ITSM integrations
  • Escalation management

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