How important can Monitoring be?

Just think about critical systems that need to run 24 hours a day, where devices must function 7 days a week and the IT team has to be immediately warned in the event of an anomaly.

The availability of a state-of-the-art monitoring, diagnostic and infrastructure management solution is therefore crucial for complex realities, such as that of an airport or hospital for example.

In fact, there are several different requirements, first of all the possibility to conduct punctual analysis to guarantee the continuity of the infrastructures, to promptly intercept possible criticalities that, if not solved, could lead the systems to collapse.

If we consider other situations, we often have to deal with powerful installations, equipped with some of the best technologies on the market, that that are then thwarted by a full disk on a server or a service error. How many times has it occurred to you that a single service or parameter out of control (usually exactly the one that no one had thought of) has gone down.  


It is nowadays essential, especially when you cannot be physically present in a place, to identify both systems and parameters that need to be monitored, also determining the thresholds of proper functioning, the calculation methods of the parameters and how to report in the event of anomalies, trying as much as possible not to forget anything.  It is extremely important to know what to check and set up the alerts so that they are targeted and limited to situations of actual problems.

There are several different solutions that perform the monitoring of an IT infrastructure, but that don’t provide the correct reports or are extremely difficult to configure and the results provided are hard to understand.

In conclusion, choosing the right software solution will bring significant benefits in terms of application consolidation, reduced infrastructure investments, improved service continuity, and within a few months, an overall reduction of the technical effort being monitored.

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