How to monitor the End User Experience with i-Vertix

The monitoring of the End User Experience consists in the observation of a user’s behaviour and actions while using an application or service. In addition, the EUM analyses how the delivery of these applications or services influences, both positively and negatively, the consumer’s experience.

The data obtained with the monitoring are then analysed to detect flaws and implement the necessary changes to provide the users with the best possible experience.

Check out our video example of End User Experience Monitoring with i-Vertix.

Why is End User Experience so important?

Now that we know what the EUM does, let’s see why it represents a tool that can be an essential support for several companies. With i-Vertix you will be able to:

  • Identify the parts of the applications or services that work properly and the ones that need more attention instead;
  • Easily understand the performances of every new feature implemented or updated;
  • Promptly detect page loading errors and script problems;
  • Reduce the waste of money and resources by targeting the investments to areas of need.
Monitoraggio EUM con i-Vertix

Identify what works properly and what doesn't

An application is usually made up of many small pieces and, depending on the services it offers, it can be used by a wide variety of types of users.

An e-commerce, for example, will probably consist of different sections: woman, man, kid, sales, etc. Through the i-Vertix EUM you will be able to understand which of these sections are the most appreciated by the users and which need a few adjustments instead. To give another example, it may happen to include different styles and designs (such as colours, patterns, shapes, widgets, etc.) within one single application. In this case, you will be able to evaluate which of these designs offers the best experience to your End Users.

Also, when adding a new feature to an application or service that is already online and active, it is very important to make sure that it works properly, to prevent it from damaging the efficiency of the existing parts. This is where the End User Experience Monitoring comes in handy!


Promptly detect page loading errors

By gathering information about a user’s use of an application, you also get details about an aspect that plays a key role in optimising the usage experience: the pages’ loading time.

Who likes to waste their time looking at the loading icon? Probably no one. i-Vertix EUM Monitoring therefore allows you to identify page slowdowns and script errors, helping you fix navigation problems and restore applications’ performances before it is too late.

Additional advantages of the EUM with i-Vertix

According to individual needs, monitoring the End User Experience can lead to a wide range of benefits, such as:

  • Increased employee productivity: inadequate response times of business-critical applications can have a negative impact on the employees’ moral and consequentially reduce their productivity.
  • Verification of the promised SLAs: monitoring the EUM helps to ensure that critical applications function as planned, enabling Service Level Agreements to be always met.
  • Creation of a “Customer Journey”: displaying the monitoring in a graphical context increases its simplicity and comprehensibility.

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