i-Vertix IT Asset Management for smart working

Lately we have been talking quite a lot about how the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic brought digitalization to pick up an even greater speed. As we all experienced, companies are suddenly faced with new challenges associated with smart working and home office.

In order to enable employees to work flexibly and from anywhere, it is fundamental to implement new technologies into daily work. For this purpose, hardware, software and licenses are not always located in the physical local company network. This naturally increases the organizational effort and the complexity of the tracking process of both hardware and software as well as their licenses and contracts from a central location.

The best way to minimise the required effort is to rely on an ITAM software.

What does asset management mean?

As Wikipedia sais, the Asset Management refers to a systematic approach to the governance and realization of value from the things that a group or entity is responsible for, over their whole life cycles. It is a systematic process of developing, operatining, maintaining, upgrading and disposing of assets in the most cost-effective manner. 

Sounds complicated, right? Let’s make it easier: with i-Vertix IT Asset Management & Inventory your IT assets are automatically detected, tracked, updated and categorized. You can finally get an overview of your hardware and software and identify your exact licenses requirements, optimizing costs and resources.

To simplify this even more, with i-Vertix ITAM you get a complete picture of which assets are being used and where, who is using them and how your assets are changing over time.

Common asset management related questions

Poeple in charge of the management of the Assets often find themselves asking some questions that might be hard to answer to, for example:

  • Have I tracked all my local and external assets centrally?
  • Do I have an overview of which employees are using which assets?
  • Do I know which assets are currently free?
  • Do I know which assets I can retire?
  • Do I use all the licences I bought?
  • Do I have a complete overview of all maintenance and support contracts?
  • Do I use productive systems without a valid maintenance and support contracts?
  • Which asset uses which software and which version?
  • Are my assets using outdated vulnerable software?

The benefits of i-Vertix IT Asset Management & Inventory

Now that we know what the Asset Management is, let’s see the benefits of our ITAM solution:

  • Optimise your licences and save money by always keeping them monitored.
  • Always keep your contracts’ information and all relevant documentation at hand. No more missing notification or forgetting extension periods or cancellations!
  • Secure your knowledge and know-how and share it with your collegues via a central knowledge base.
  • Make more targeted investments in your assets
  • MSP capability allows you to map your organization according to your wishes.
  • Minimize security risks by identifying outdated dangerous software.
  • Hosted cloud solution available

Build an update your inventory

  • Discover & track all types of assets, such as physical or virtual servers, client computers, mobile devices, printers, routers & switches, phones, sim cards and much more, directly in your local network;
  • Use an agent – based scan to track assets outside of your network;
  • Combine agent less and agent – based scan to get a 360° overview of your IT infrastructure;
  • Minimal implementation time to deploy agent;
  • Get a very powerful detailed relation overview of hardware and software components;
  • Manage support, maintenance, warranty, price and contracts of the tracked assets;
  • Assign the tracked assets to users and/or organizations;
  • Monitor the complete life cycle of your assets;
  • Automatically scan all assets to keep them up to date;
  • View asset reports and dashboards;
  • Track software usage and compliance.

Knowledge base

  • Collect all important information such as help and operating instructions, policies and procedures and assign them to the assets;
  • Link articles with inventory items and tickets;
  • Share there knowledge base articles with empolyees, customers, partners or whoever you need;
  • Management of articles’ revisions;
  • Create how – to instructions to train your employees working remotely and support them;
  • Share answers and solutions to common problems (FAQs), reducing the impact on your IT department.

Incidents and change requests

  • Offer your employees the opportunity to report asset – related problems to your IT team, no matter where they are;
  • Get an overview of all the problems related to the assets and their components;
  • By assigning support tickets to the assets, the IT department has an immediate detailed overview of all systems’ components and system information, This helps them solve problems way faster;
  • All changes and change requests can be carefully tracked;
    Understand how much time and money the maintenance of your assets causes.

There really is a lot of things you can do with i-Vertix IT Asset Management,so contact us at sales@i-vertix.com and we will provide you with all the information you need!