Flexible licensing models: Perpetual, Subscription, or Pay per Use

No long-term contractual committments

Network Configuration Backup

Available both On-Premise and in your preferred/local Cloud Region

Automatic, scheduled L2/L3 Network discovery and mapping

Latest Paessler News

On May 23rd, Turn/River Capital, a US-based software investor, invested in Paessler. Just under a month later, Paessler announced the following changes, effective July 1st 2024:

  1. New perpetual licenses will no longer be available.
  2. Existing customers with perpetual licenses will be transitioned to a subscription model.
  3. There will be a minimum contract duration of three years.
  4. Prices have been significantly increased.

i-Vertix vs PRTG subscription

  • PRTG can cost more than twice as much as i-Vertix

  • i-Vertix offers flexible licensing for either hosts or services.
    With a host-based license, you can monitor unlimited services at no additional costs

  • i-Vertix offers perpetual licenses, ensuring even greater cost-effectiveness for long-term use. 

Licensing and features comparison

Perpetual edition
Multi year maintenance for Perpetual edition
Subscription edition
Minimum subscription duration
3 years
1 year
MSP Pay per Use edition
License tiers model
Pay per use model
Host (Device) based licensing
Service (Sensor) based licensing
Network Configuration Backup
L2/L3 Network topology discovery and mapping 
SLA reporting
Technologies monitored out of the box (o supported)
300 Sensors
700 Plugin Packs 7.000 Services
Synthetic user monitoring

i-Vertix IT Monitoring is the best alternative to PRTG

With over 700 ready to use monitoring profiles, i-Vertix IT Monitoring integrates with Network Infrastructure Devices, Servers/Datacenters, Virtual Environments, Operating Systems, Databases, Applications, Cloud systems and services, etc, collecting thousands of valuable metrics

Each monitoring profile is made up of many services (sensors).

It has never been easier to monitor the entire IT environment because each monitoring profile is preconfigured according to vendors’ best practices.

Moreover... Are you using or going to use a technology that we do not yet support?

Don’t worry, we’ll integrate it for you at no cost! As you innovate, we help you adopt and support new products, tools, and workflows quickly.

  • i-Vertix IT Monitoring: your all-in-one solution
  • For IT infrastructure of all sizes: from small, mid-size, large & enterprise
  • Distributed and remote monitoring

Cost-effective flexible licensing options

Why should you settle for less?

Many monitoring vendors charge per service (also called sensor or monitor). Vendors employing such model tend to initially undersize the solution capacity, advising customers to monitor only a minimum number of services per device (10 or even less), which may prove insufficient in practice. 

When these limitations become apparent, customers are left with the need to upgrade their licenses and incur additional costs.
In most cases the costs are higher than with device-based licensing.

The number of services (sensors) has a significant impact on the quality of monitoring. With a licence based on the number of hosts, the number of services is irrelevant.
In our experience, 5 to 10 services per host are often not sufficient to implement  monitoring quality.

Licensing based on the number of services (sensors) can lead to additional costs for the user or cause the user to reduce the quality of monitoring. So that you do not have to choose between a host licence and a service licence, when you choose i-Vertix IT Monitoring, the host licence allows you to monitor all services at no additional cost.


i-Vertix Cloud SaaS

Network Configuration Backup

Have you ever had to handle a major failure of a device of which you had not saved the configuration file?
Or a configuration change that caused some problems?

With i-Vertix NCB, you always have the latest configuration at your fingertips.

i-Vertix NCB saves every change, immediately detects differences thanks to the configution comparison functionality.

Complete visibility for optimized IT decisions

IT has never been so easy to get a complete overview of your infrastructure. i-Vertix Business Intelligence automatically generates reports, allowing IT decision-makers to instantly see all important KPIs and make better strategic decisions. All crucial aspects such as SLA, events, power consumption, virtualization, storage, network, capacity planning, and more are taken into account. All information is presented in a clear graphical format.

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