i-Vertix Maps: a geographical view of your monitored systems

To keep everything under control. This is one of our main goals when it comes to our i-Vertix Monitoring solution. With our graphical map module, you can create your own personal view and share it with others. 

To take it even further, we also introduced geographical maps as an additional feature of our graphical map module, which provides interactive global maps.

Add new monitored hosts or services

Just add a new marker to the map, assign a monitored host or service to it and voilà. That’s it. We store the geographical coordinates on the specific host you’ve added.

The next time you want to place that specific host on another geo-map for example, the already stored coordinates are used to place it correctly. Of course, you can also relocate it afterwards. Once it’s relocated, the specific host automatically gets the new location on every geo-map. Having many hosts in the same position can quickly get clumsy, for this reason we combine them into a cluster and show only the status.

Obviously, a geographical map isn’t always the best option to visualize your hosts, but in some cases, it definitely can be a good alternative to common 


If you hear geographical maps, world maps etc. you don’t have to think always that big. Just zoom in and watch only over the part of the map that you are interested in.

Save your viewpoint

We also made it possible to save the current user’s viewpoint, so that in the future, the map opens with that saved viewpoint. 

No need to relocate everything again. You can also set the viewpoint to include all items on the map. That’s it. Nothing more than a simple but very efficient interactive geographical map with your hosts and services on it.

You can also check our previous article to know more about graphical maps and watch the quick video tutorial we’ve created to show you how easy it is to create a new map.  

As always, you can contact us at sales@i-vertix.com for further information on our solutions.