i-Vertix Plugin Pack v.20220613

Includes Windows WS Management plugin, improvements and fixes

The new i-Vertix Plugin Pack is now available directly in the IT Monitoring module and includes several enhancements, fixes, and a new Windows plugin (WS-Management).


  • Active Directory wsman monitoring
  • Brocade switches: NeDi discovery rule
  • Cisco ASA: host discovery rule
  • Dell MD3000 storage
  • Juniper EX: NeDi discovery rule
  • HP Comware: NeDi discovery rule
  • H3C-Comware (5700): NeDi discovery rule
  • Proxmox VE
  • Redis Sentinel cluster
  • Windows (wsman)


  • Cisco network interfaces: add oid-extra-display (ifAlias)
  • PaloAlto network interfaces: add oid-extra-display (ifAlias)
  • Windows local sessions: add marco to set languages
  • Windows local sessions: new language it available


  • Commvault: discovery templates was not assigned to Plugin Pack
  • Linux local CPU: fix cpu calculation
  • MS SQL: database discovery is now working
  • MongoDB: remove ssl-opts from CMD
  • Redis Cli: fix command

Windows (WS-Management)

Through the HTTP/HTTPS protocol, the plugin is able to monitor various aspects of Windows servers. It is agentless, but with the same potential as with an agent. The system allows to identify if there are Pending Reboots that need to be executed, verify Sessions, services in autostart and of course also the various classic aspects such as disk usage, memory, etc.

In detail a comparison of the use of plugins dedicated to monitoring Windows systems using different protocols:

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