i-Vertix Poller

Hardware or Software appliance

Local network monitoring and connection with i-Vertix

Intergated 4G module to work even without internet connection

Alarm system in case of problems

Resistant and with a certified protection up to IP67

i-Vertix Poller virtual appliance

The software is available as image for the most common virtual environments (VMware, Hyper-v, KWM, ecc.) e nel Cloud (AWS, Azure, etc.). 

It can be used to monitor inaccessible networks and devices that do not allow the deployment of agents. 

i-Vertix Poller, software or hardware, allows to perform remote monitoring, collect data and send them to the central console. For this reason, installations often take place in distributed environments. Multiple Poller devices can be managed through the central console.

i-Vertix Poller Office

i-Vertix Poller Office is an energy-efficient, fanlell and small appliance. 

The system allows you to add more bandwidth and lower latencies in your processes and has a slot for SIM and TF cards, making it a good choice for data transport applications. 

The device is perfect to monitor small-medium environments or branch offices, because it provides independence from the local infrastructure. 

Optionally, the device can also be equipped with a 4G module to always provide an alternative communication channel.

i-Vertix Poller Pro S3

i-Vertix Poller Pro S3 is independent from the customer’s infrastructure and can process data or send alarms even in case of hypervisor failure, ensuring a 24×7 monitoring.

Equipped with an integrated 4G module, it allows to activate a data channel to send alarms via push/email and/or connect the i-Vertix Central, esuring operativity in extrem situations as well (isolated network).

The device is particularly suitable to monitor medium-sized environments, datacenters and industries. 

i-Vertix Poller Pro L

i-Vertix Poller Pro L is a rugged, performance-optimized appliance designed to operate in industrial environments, such as manufacturing centers. Equipped with an integrated 4G module.  

The device is designed to support a range of connectivity options that can be upgreaded by the customer itself, thus providing a solid foundation for future growth requirements.

The appliance can withstand temperatures raging from -20° to 60° with a standard IP40 certified protection. If needed, it is possible to have the device with a certificed protection up to IP67. 

i-Vertix Poller Pro L is designed to monitor challencing locations, such as solar- and wind farms and ropeways.


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