i-Vertix Log&Data Management

i-Vertix Log&Data Management helps Cybersecurity and Data Protection professionals to comply with regulations

The amount of logs generated by network equipment, servers, applications, databases, systems on prem and in cloud and in general by all  log sources is typically so large that it is very difficult for IT professionals to handle and make the most out them.
The purpose of Log Management is to make such large volumes of logs usable, by interpreting and analyzing them, identifying application or system errors, misconfigurations, early indicators of attacks, policy violations and, generally speaking, meaningful IT security events and potential issues.

i-Vertix Log & Data Management collects, stores, signs, analyzes, filters, classifies, enriches, encrypts and, once the retention period is over, purges any type of log. 

A meaningful example of log classification is the automatic real-time categorization of Windows Events and Syslog messages according to various Data Protection regulations, which helps to implement compliant IT processes.
The logs, properly classified, are available in real time and displayed in dedicated dashboards. The application of a digital certificate signature  guarantees the integrity of the logs while a second signature provided by a Timestamp Authority proofs that logs existed in given point of time. This way logs can be used to provide forensic evidence and demonstrate compliance.
i-Vertix Log & Data Management offers predefined rulesets for GDPR, PCI-DSS, HIPAA, NIST 800-53 and TSC regulations, which allow detailed log classification according to their various sections, chapters and articles. It is also possible to re-import logs already archived for a posteriori analysis. 
Another example of log classification is the automatic collection and categorization of authentication events that take place on any systems, whether they are servers, databases, applications, cloud platforms, network infrastructure devices, etc.

i-Vertix Log&Data Management assists Cybersecurity and Data Protection Compliance professionals in their daily duties, ensuring that logs are constantly collected, validated, classified and analyzed in a simple and effective way.

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