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The New Major Version of i-Vertix IT Monitoring: Intuitive, Comprehensive, and Improved

The latest major version of i-Vertix IT Monitoring introduces a range of new features and improvements, all designed to enhance the user experience and provide a more intuitive and comprehensive IT infrastructure management solution. With these updates, users will enjoy a more streamlined experience, allowing them to better manage their IT infrastructure.

i-Vertix IT Monitoring

Security-First Design with i-Vertix IT Monitoring

At i-Vertix, we prioritize the security of our users’ accounts and strive to prevent unauthorized access through a variety of authentication methods. With our latest update, we are pleased to offer enhanced security policies for local users, including:

  1. Password complexity: This policy allows you to define the minimum password length and complexity required for user passwords.
  2. Password expiration policy: With this policy, you can set a password expiration period and specify a minimum time between password changes. You can also exclude specific users from these policy.
  3. Password blocking policy: This policy enables you to set the maximum number of login attempts a user can make before their account is locked, as well as the duration of the lockout period before a new login attempt can be made.


The “Manual Service Discovery” feature has been improved to provide filters that suggest only relevant templates. In addition, the service and host discovery options can now be easily accessed under the “Host/Service configuration” menu.

VMware Discovery

The loading page now shows all discovery operations performed during the scan. The VMware vSAN scan now includes new template rules, making automatic storage mapping easier. Datastores are now scanned more intelligently, with template rules linking only relevant, active, and monitorable services. Service templates that are valid for specific datastore types, such as vmfs, nfs, vsan, and others, will be applied.

Dynamic Hostgroup 

When creating a new dynamic hostgroup, you now have the option to apply the rules not only to hostgroups, but also to host categories.

Plugin Store

The Plugin Store in i-Vertix IT Monitoring provides users with access to a vast range of plugins and monitoring profiles, enabling them to monitor any IT environment. Recently, the Plugin Store has undergone a significant upgrade, resulting in enhanced performance, faster loading of plugins, and a sleek design that facilitates easier viewing and comparison of plugin features.

i-Vertix Map 

You can now add Hostgroups and Servicegroups to GEO maps, in addition to Host and Service objects. Moreover, it’s now possible to link other maps within a GEO map.

Network Configuration Backup

The display of network backups has been optimized, resulting in significantly improved performance for systems with a large number of backups or backup versions.

New design

Redesigned Login Page

The login page has undergone a redesign that includes a new background image and a larger login form that is centered on the screen for a more enhanced user experience.

Switch between light and dark modes

Users can now easily toggle between light and dark modes by clicking on their username in the top-right corner of the screen.

Redesigned Footer

To provide more space for displaying resources, the i-Vertix Infocenter has replaced the footer, which has been completely redesigned. The new design offers a better and more interactive user experience.


In today’s business world, having the right software able to accompany and support your work can make all the difference. If you’re looking for a reliable, flexible, and user-friendly IT Monitoring solution, i-Vertix IT Monitoring is the one you are searching for.

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