How important can Monitoring be?

The number of critical systems that need to be monitored on an ongoing basis, to enable IT teams to take immediate action in the event of an anomaly, is rapidly increasing. Relying on a solution that responds to your needs can lead to a significant increase in the efficiency of your IT infrastructure.

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Synthetic Monitoring for Web applications

Making sure your web applications are always properly functioning also means assuring the satisfaction of your users. Synthetic monitoring connects to websites, web services, APIs and servers and checks availability, functions and performances to find availability issues in the application before they occur with real end users.

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i-Vertix Network Monitoring Maps module: the Auto Map

For the third part of our map monitoring-module we wanted to design something that could make map creation extremely simple. For this reason, our auto maps do one job: visualize the connections between your monitored hosts. As easy as it sounds!

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How to monitor & manage SSL certificates (x.509)

SSL certificates have an expiration date and, if not properly managed, end up causing an irritating security warning. When talking about SSL certificates, there are several things that need to be taken care of, and i-Vertix can help you take care of it.

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i-Vertix IT Asset Management for Smart Working

In order to allow employees to work remotely, companies often have hardware and software that are not located in their physical local network. This increases the complexity of the tracking process of the assets from a central location. The best way to minimise the required effort is to rely on an ITAM solution.

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i-Vertix Maps: a geographical view of your monitored systems

To keep everything in view. This is one of our main goals when it comes to our i-Vertix monitoring solution. With our graphical map module, you can create your own personal view and share it with others. If you want to know more, just keep reading.

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Safe remote working: i-Vertix Log Management for Office 365

The spread of the Smart Working forced companies to face the security-related challenges that come with it. O365 is among the most popular tools for remote working, and i-Vertix Log Management can help you ensure your company’s safety while using it.

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Backup your devices with i-Vertix Network Configuration Backup

Integrated within i-Vertix IT Monitoring, the Network Configuration Backup feature automates the backup of the configurations of all network devices and creates a history of all variations with the possibility of comparing all the different versions.

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Graphical Maps to help you monitor your systems

Monitoring a large number of hosts or services can sometimes be really complicated. For that reason, last year we created "i-Vertix Map", a tool that is fully integrated into our i-Vertix monitoring solution and that offers several useful options.

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How to monitor the End User Experience with i-Vertix

Monitoring the End User Experience can be a powerful asset for a company. Not knowing how an application is performing can lead to a loss of customers or a decrease in terms of productivity. i-Vertix EUM helps you provide the most flawless experience, all the time.

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[Translate to italienisch:] i-Vertix Autodiscovery
How to use i-Vertix Autodiscovery

Completely integrated within the i-Vertix Monitoring solution, the Autodiscovery feature can manually or automatically detect and recognise services and add them to your monitoring system, thus guaranteeing a 100% coverage while also helping you save a lot of time.

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Windows Advanced Monitoring with i-Vertix Monitoring Agent for Windows

i-Vertix Monitoring Agent for Windows allows to activate different advanced monitoring features. The pre-configured templates permit to enable “self-healing” features that allow i-Vertix to automatically intervene in the event of errors or malfunctions.

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