i-Vertix Network Discovery

How to identify your network topology

Before we dive into our new Network Discovery feature, it is important to highlight the challenges that our partners and customers have to face every day. Here are some of the most common issues:

  • Complex infrastructure
  • Low visibility
  • Inefficient monitoring tools
  • Difficult configurations

Monitoring of IT environments follows strict rules, regardless of the dimensions of the environment itself. However, larger networks bring additional challenges, due to their increased complexity.
Moreover, the onboarding and acquisition of new clients may sometimes be 

complicated and even last weeks or months, as the understanding of the new infrastructure is not thorough enough or simply because the number and type of devices is not known.

How i-Vertix answers

i-Vertix’s primary goal is to eliminate the complexity of the IT infrastructure by providing a monitoring tool that is always up-to-date with new easy-to-use features that bring automation to processes, deep visibility into systems and that allow to quickly achieve all the expected results.

i-Vertix Network Discovery

Network Discovery is a feature that performs automatic scans of the network and allows to detect all existing devices, understand their configuration and identify their connections, to have a complete overview of the network and find out where the resources are located.

Key features:

  • Intelligent network topology detection via SNMP
  • Vendor independent
  • MSP ready
  • Discovery of network devices using CDP, LLDP, FDP, etc.
  • Discovery of other devices such as UPS, PDU, storages, etc.
  • Creation of an automatic network topology map
  • Creation of an automatic network configuration
  • Programmed schedules with automatic updates
  • Automatic rules from i-Vertix Plugin Store

NeDi’s feature eliminates the complexity of the network and helps track down all the devices that belong to the infrastructure, even in situations where the topology tends to change very often. This feature can be used to automate part of the monitoring configuration and aims to make the onboarding of new clients much easier and faster as well.

It integrates with most of the Vendors on the market and supports the MSP mode. Device scanning is performed via SNMP protocol, it can be scheduled several times a day and is able to report a wide variety of information. Moreover, it supports CDP, LLDP and FDP protocols, which are crucial to understand what the network topology looks like and to represent it graphically. In fact, additionally to a list of the detected devices, it is possible to display the devices on a map to understand their population and how they are connected to each other.

Ready to use

Both the configuration and execution of the scanning job are designed to make i-Vertix users’ life easier. All that will be needed is to configure a few parameters and i-Vertix will do the rest. In fact, thanks to the Plugin Store, template rules will already be included and will allow to correctly map the devices, correlating the services that need to be monitored and obtaining the exact identification of the device itself. Additional rules will be implemented over time, to allow integrations with more and more brands and technologies.
Host templates are automatically assigned by the system, which already contains a set of commands and rules that allow to immediately monitor the device.

Which information do I get?

First of all, the system checks weather the device is new or it already exists (if for example we already manually added the host to the monitoring). We then get information about the hostname, IP address, vendor, OS, type of device, serial number, if it is in stack, etc.

Moreover, NeDi also checks uplinks, showing which other devices are connected to each other. As for the interfaces, in addition to information about speed and type, the system also indicates which are active or inactive and which have been deactivated.

Once selected, the detected devices can be immediately added and synched to the monitoring. By doing so, the system always provides an up-to-date topology, no matter is configurations have been changed or if new devices have been detected.

If you are interested in knowing more about what we can do for you and for your company, contact us at sales@i-vertix.com, we will be more than happy to listen to your needs and discuss together to find the solutions that best fits your necessities!