i-Vertix Network Monitoring maps module: the auto map

During the past months we have talked about the first two display options of our i-Vertix Monitoring Map modulegraphical maps and geographical maps (don’t forget to check them out!). Today we finally introduce you the last available option: the auto map.

Now, for the third part of our map monitoring-module we wanted to design something that could make map creation a lot easier for you. Our auto maps do one job: visualize the connections between your monitored hosts!

Just make sure you set the relations between your hosts, and you are good to go! No matter how large your network is, you always get a nice and structured view of it.

How to configure your map

To configure the connections between your hosts, just head over to your host’s configuration and add parent and child host relations to your host in the “Relations” tab.

We gladly invite you to always do that right after adding a host to your monitoring system to keep everything structured right from the beginning.

What would be a map inside a monitoring if we would not show you your host’s status?

For this reason, every node on your auto map has it’s own status, displayed by different colors. It immediately indicates whether a host is up or down.

On a big network map you will easily loose the overview of all nodes but don’t worry, you can always zoom in and relocate your view as you like.

For now, we have concluded our series about the i-Vertix graphical map module but in the near future we will continue our work and add additional features to our project.

Meanwhile, if there’s something you want to talk to us about, you can always contat us at sales@i-vertix.com. We’ll be happy to hear from you.

Stay tuned!