Never lose track of your IT Assets

with i-Vertix IT Asset Management

Some companies still write down all their assets, while others have multiple disorganized Excel files with useless data everywhere. Both methods aren’t really reliable having a wide margin of error caused by human mistakes and usually require too much time and resources that could be dedicated to more important activities instead.

For this reason we created i-Vertix IT Asset management, a software that automatically manages all IT assets and therefore solves these issues, helping customers identify their real necessities in terms of licenses and monitor automatic renewals or expiry dates.


IT Asset Management highlights

i-Vertix ITAM

The i-Vertix solution runs a both hardware and software through a central console and an agent, that is in charge of collecting data. The interactive and customizable dashboard allows to visualize everything that is being inventoried.

The agent is available for Windows, Mac and Linux and has different features, while the GUI is compatible with the most common browsers. The software is multi tenant and MSP and is available in several languages.

Here are the main benefits of the solution:

  • Up-to-date and cetralized asset overview
  • Overview of the assets’ contracts
  • Information on the available resources and on what needs to be replaced, helping to optimize the investments
  • Licences optimization
  • General optimization of both hardware and software asset

Manage resources through a unique console

Removes manual work in provisioning, monitoring and managing resources. Increases operational efficiency by monitoring resources from the central console.


Inventory management

Ensures business continuity providing full visibility of both IT and non-IT assets that are in stock or in use.


Software distribution

Easy software deployment on several computers across the network of devices with inventory management feature.

Features and examples

The most important task the agent has is to run detailed inventories and send data with regards to hardware, operative system and software. Moreover, it gathers information about all devices that are connected to the workstation, such as external monitors, local printers, usb disk, headsets, etc.

Once inventoried, the devices are divided into specific prebuilt categories (computers, printers, software, etc.). Users can also create new ones, for example those categories where the agent cannot be installed and is therefore not possible do identify their characteristics (for example desks, chairs, etc.)

By creating a job, it is possible to schedule a network scan and thus obtain an automatic inventory of network printers, switches and other devices on which of course we cannot install an agent. Attraverso un job è possibile programmare una scansione di rete e ottenere quindi un inventario automatico di stampanti di rete, switch e altri apparecchi sui quali naturalmente non possiamo installare un agent.

Some of the devices we can inventory are:

  • Computers: several information available and divided into tabs, to make it possible to visualize a huge amount of data in detail. For example: operating system and architecture, installed software with license verification, or even the available space of the different volumes.
  • Printers: information about both local and network devices. For example: number of printed pages or the status of toners and cartridges, to know in advance how much material there is left.
  • Monitors: different information ranging from the serial number, to the producer and to which user it has been assigned.
  • Software: identification of the real status of the network in order to evaluate possible interventions in case of unused software, thus saving on licenses or planning and upgrade only when really necessary. This allows to optimize the infrastructure and make it safer while also reducing costs. On each device, it is possible to identify the installed software and version, the producer and the operative system. Moreover, it is also visible on which PCs of which users the software is installed. i-Vertix IT Asset Management allows then to create jobs to automatically distribute software to every network device.
  • Telephones: for devices based on Android, an agent can be installed to immediately gather all kinds of information about the smartphone, while for iOS-based phones data have to be entered manually because the agent is not yet available. VoIP phones can be added to the system automatically if they support the SNMP protocol, which retrieves all device information and centrally stores it into the system. I
  • Contracts: allows to maintain a complete documentation of all company contracts with third-party suppliers. It can monitor for example leasing and maintenance contracts, software licenses or even customized contracts, according to the characteristics of the business. Finally, it is possible to get an overview of all the activities related to a contract and stay up-to-date on everything that happens regarding it.

If you are interested in knowing more about what we can do for you and for your company, contact us at, we will be more than happy to listen to your needs and discuss together to find the solutions that best fits your necessities!