Windows advanced monitoring with i-Vertix Monitoring agent

i-Vertix Monitoring Agent for Windows allows to safely and rapidly activate different advanced monitoring features. During the past weeks the i-Vertix Team worked on the creation of dedicated templates for several different types of systems, such as:

  • Windows Active Directory
  • Microsoft Internet Information Server
  • Citrix Xenapp/XenDesktop

These templates are pre-configured with “self-healing” features that, in the event of errors or malfunctions, allow i-Vertix to automatically restart, for example, a Windows service or Application Pool IIS.

Active Directory - Advanced monitoring features

Allows to activate a very advanced Active Directory Monitoring, which permits to verify the operation and performance related to Active Directory services. Specifically, monitoring services are activated for:

  • DCDIAG: Active Directory replication monitoring (Connectivity – Advertising – SysVolCheck – MachineAccount – Replications – RidManager – Services – FsmoCheck);
  • Netdom: ensures the connection between a workstation and a domain controller is secure;
  • DNS: tests the accuracy of DNS service responses;
  • LDAPS: checks for the possibility to authenticate with username and password;
  • NTP: verifies the synchronization between Active Directory and time;
  • Services: contains all important Windows and Active Directory services (with self-healing features);
  • User account locked out: verifies the presence of “locked out” users;
  • Pending reboot: tests whether the server needs to reboot for various reasons;
  • Active directory performance data: detects the most important performance data (related to the Active Directory).

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